The power of colour

It’s easy to see why making sound colour choices is a critical part of any branding project. Research shows that people make up their minds within just seconds of their initial interactions with new products or brands, and most of those decisions can be based on colour alone. However arriving at the ‘correct’ colours isn’t always a straightforward process, and even for those us with a creative eye it’s a topic fraught with subjective opinions and bias.

Our recent rebranding project for Durkan—a leading construction company in London and the home counties—provides good insight into some of the challenges (and opportunities) we’ve encountered in this area.

The Brief

From conversations with the client it was clear that they needed more than just a subtle update. The construction industry is evolving, and they wanted a totally fresh look to cement their position as a one of the leading companies in their industry. To create this leap in perception some radical changes were needed.

In the first stage of the process, we developed a confident new logo that significantly improved the impact and legibility of their work mark. Blue and yellow have long been the established Durkan colours, and as such it would have been foolish to alter them. Furthermore, the Durkan navy blue is a trusted corporate colour which already conveys many of the attributes we wish to associate with Durkan. For example authority, confidence, responsibility and success.

But beyond this limited (and not exactly original) colour palette, how could we develop a fresh identity for Durkan? One idea we were keen to explore was through an enhanced palette of supporting colours. The construction industry isn’t expected to be expecially colourful. Could using unexpected colours create a point of difference for Durkan, and create stand-out from their competition?

The Solution

After a lot of experimentation we arrived at a suite of bright, modern hues, far removed from stereotypical construction colours. By introducing a hot pink, jade green, sky blue and steely grey we’ve developed a dynamic colour scheme worlds away from their traditionally conservative roots. In particular, the pink and green work hard to add a bold and ultra modern dimension. In the past Durkan were restrained in their use of colour, but on presentation of our creative, they were quick to approve this radical new scheme and prove they’re ready to embrace their colourful side!

Several months on, the website has been launched, and their new identity has been welcomed throughout the company and beyond. Through the power of colour we’ve transformed their look, and launched a braver, more vibrant Durkan.
We believe that it’s the powerful use of colour that differentiates them from the competition, and we look forward to seeing how it helps shape the future of their business.