The enduring appeal of print

While digital communication is booming, this has only enhanced the unique voice that print brings for any business. Print marketing is compelling, memorable, and engaging, and it’s also enjoying something of a renaissance at the moment. As people touch, hold, and even smell paper, they respond in a profoundly personal way. This trend toward tactile and print based marketing is stirring potential for many exciting creative opportunities.


The revival of the corporate brochure

Marketing communications need to cut through the noise of digital channels and one way to do this is through print communications. This has led some to suggest a renewed role for great quality printed corporate brochures and stationery.


The rise of niche publications

We’re used to finely targeting our digital advertising, but the changing print reading habits of consumers is offering an opportunity to more finely target print advertising campaigns too. With the rise of niche publications, brands have an opportunity to work with and reach highly segmented markets and audiences.

Exploiting the tactile delight of paper

Innovations in paper and print allow us to think more creatively about how we use paper. Foil and varnish finishes, die cutting and texture all help to enhance printed materials. People respond to the tactile quality of paper, so leaving them with something physical and memorable that they want to keep is a great way to maximise the staying power of your message.



Personalisation is the huge advantage of digital printing, but remains under-exploited. Publishers have an opportunity to exploit subscription data more creatively to help brands tailor messages and personalise content.


We know from experience that consumers still love the tactility of paper and respond more positively to printed marketing communications than they do to online marketing. Long after the browser has been closed and the banner ad disappeared, the printed material will continue to engage. And we don’t expect that to change any time soon.