Communication – The single most important factor for success

Communication can make or break your construction business.

Over the past year, research conducted with our client-customers has highlighted one consistent theme that continues to ring loud and clear: communication. The possible negative effects of poor communication are endless, from customers not understanding the core competencies of your business (e.g. your sectors and services), to operational issues that have arisen purely as a result of an unclear communications strategy. More often than not this results in project delays and cost overrun, not to mention the missed business opportunities for profitable growth.

At every single touchpoint for your business, it is crucial to have a clear and developed strategy to ensure that you are communicating with clients, partners, and employees in the most optimal way. Don’t take the risk of weak messaging, which will inevitably become bent out of shape and clouded, resulting in confusion about the values of your business!


Better understanding wins business and builds culture

When did you last reach out to your clients specifically to showcase the full extent of your services? Or, better still, when did you last contact them after a completed contract to understand their level of satisfaction?

Proactive communication pieces to your customers, as well as regular news, blogs and service updates help to build positive relationships aside from the day-to-day operational progress meetings.

With a new decade fast approaching, now is the time to build future-proof communication strategies that address specific internal and external business needs – promoting the good, and handling issues in a way that minimises conflict.

Don’t underestimate the importance of regular digital communications to reach out to your customers and your people. Updates, information and news that are useful builds credibility and establishes confidence in the mind of the reader. If you don’t grasp the opportunity, your competitors will.



It’s not what you say, but how you say it

We have found that issues frequently arise even from the most well-intentioned of places, simply because of a misunderstanding in communication. Training your teams in what to say is a start, but giving them the skills to say it in the most effective way is the real secret.

Your people will be able to relate to each other and to clients better, helping to get across the message, and more importantly, the values of your company. A little thought can go a very long way when it comes too building meaningful relationships with your clients, both current and future.


Same song different tune

While there may be a core message that your business wants to generate, there should always be some variety – albeit within your larger strategy – in the way that it is disseminated. Different people absorb information in different ways, and via different mediums, so choosing the right imagery and delivery method is critical to success.



Appealing to the younger generation is a key priority for the construction industry in today’s climate, which means everything from print media to social media should be considered (yes, social media isn’t just for selfies)!

Medicine Man specialises in developing overarching communications strategies and delivering them in creative ways, ensuring that your business gets a head start over the competition.