Content is King | 3 Steps to Build an Effective Digital Strategy

How well does your website tell your business story and what makes it different? How up-to-date and relevant is your digital communication to your customers, both new and old?

Over the past decade we have seen a shift towards becoming a digitally driven society. With more than 3000 construction companies across the U.K. fighting for a slice of the £112BN marketplace, raising your profile and credibility is a non-negotiable business development tool – even amidst the Coronavirus emergency, we must look forwards to a market with the prospect of better times ahead following the recent budget. Those on their best footing will win the most.

It can be difficult to find a focus for your digital strategy, especially when you are focusing on complex projects every day. So, here are our three crucial steps to help you optimise your digital strategy:

1. Create Meaningful Content

Writing about the best parts of your business is all well and good, but headlines don’t tell potential customers what they want to know. Instead, generate content that other people in your industry would find genuinely interesting. If you have just completed a landmark project that required complex solutions to overcome new challenges, try to capture the story in a way that will captivate your audience and demonstrate your knowledge.

2. Optimise Your Content

Sending newsletters to your clients and potential customers is a great way to keep them updated, but optimising your content in creative ways will see your business reach the next level. With a new tech-friendly generation entering management, we are finding that blog posts are increasingly effective in bringing traffic to websites and generating leads compared to a simple newsletter. This is the place to establish yourself as an industry leader, showcasing your expertise and making you a real contender!

3. Keep It Consistent

The key to success in the digital sphere is to remain consistent. High-quality content delivered regularly will help move your audience from being interested towards making a decision, and the more consistent you are the more you can capture data to find out what type of content is delivering the best results. We often find that digital content is shared far beyond the initial recipients, so consistent content will help to spread your message to potential customers you never even knew existed!

“Medicine Man specialises in construction marketing”.

Now is the ideal time to get your digital strategy in place, with more business seeking their construction partners online through in-depth information gathering processes. Medicine Man specialises in the design, implementation and running of digital strategies for construction businesses, helping them to win new business and optimise their own operations.

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