HG Construction

An innovative web for a forward thinking business.

A distinct and full of energy new identity for a contractor that doesn’t stop to exceed expectations


Refreshing HG’s website to reflect the recent business identity update. Bringing forward their unique value to customers.

HG is a group of young and highly motivated people that have already made their mark in their sector. They exceed expectations on a regular basis thanks to their forward thinking nature and their unique energy. They wanted the website to echo these virtues, and convey a young but experienced group of professionals that can overcome challenges and bring visions to life, no matter what.

Client: HG Construction
Services: Digital
SECTOR: Construction


A website that represents what HG stands for, allowing for a clearer connection between them and their clients.

We envisioned a clean and direct look for the website, to reflect the way in which the client conducts their business. We designed a technical and contemporary look that would portrait their innovative approach to construction, introducing distinct movements to the elements to achieve a fluid experience and build on the technology side.

HG partners with big construction and property players, and the website needed to reflect their experience and capabilities, amplifying trust and providing stand out.

Another main goal was getting across HG’s commitment to deliver, their know-how and their great experience despite the youth of their team. For this reason we needed to work very thoroughly on the web narrative and the message had to be very concise so that every visitor would get a good overview of the content. A key goal was to reduce the number of navigation possibilities to avoid visitors from having segmented user sessions and ending up in cul de sac pages without having seen the main content.

The recent brand refresh had brought a clean and geometric look with a colour palette that emphasises the contrast between cold blues and touches of warm orange, all hues being very fresh and reflective of technology. The website uses this same colour palette and balances it with a unique layout. Element placement alternates between left and right to create a sense of rhythm and distinctiveness.

The experience is enhanced by movements – as the user scrolls elements appear on screen with specific animations, revealing the content but at the same time contributing to the visual communication. The aim was to enrich the brand language, adding a touch of fluidity that helps underline the sense of a bespoke website and express innovation and modernity.


The launch of the new web was hailed a great success, generating great internal and external interest.

The timely launch coincided with their 20th anniversary in the construction industry, hence harnessing the momentum to announce new brand identity and digital presence. Both were positively received amongst both clients and the internal team, delivering a much needed refresh and reinforcing their strong position in the market. Today both Medicine Man and HG teams continue to collaborate in the deployment of the new brand across several touch-points.