JJ Rhatigan digital presence

A refreshed website for an ambitious construction company that portrays with confidence what their capabilities and aspirations are.


JJ Rhatigan is a leading main contractor who has been at the forefront of the construction industry for over 65 years.

As part of their strategic plan to strength their presence in both Ireland and the UK, it was becoming more and more apparent that their existing website was not only outdated and provided a poor user experience but failed to convey the size, scope and capabilities of the company.

Medicine Man was asked to scope, design and build a website that would reflect this step change and give the stand out required to drive the business forward.

Client: JJ Rhatigan
Services: Digital
Sector: Construction


A refreshed digital presence that reflects the business’ essence

JJ Rhatigan first and foremost needed a website to reflect their proposition and communicate why they’ve been setting standards within their industry for the last few decades: having a voice with clarity, a dedication to innovation and their continuous pursuit of excellence, all underpinned by their vision of the future.

Initially we worked intensively on their messaging, with the intention to make this statement clear and concise for visitors as soon as they landed on the website. We produced a mission statement, a value proposition and a description of the services that would sit at the top of the home page. Today visitors are welcomed with a seamless transition between the three messages and effectively get introduced to why, what and how JJ Rhatigan do what they do.

The next step was to bring their brand to today’s digital environment and refresh their visual presence. We worked from the existing identity, reusing and adapting every possible element in a very respectful way to ensure their essence and brand visuals still remained. They are very well established in Ireland and it was important this recognition wasn’t lost in the process.

The below images illustrate some of the work that has been undertaken with the brand language and how we have refreshed only it’s application to how it now interacts with colours and other elements.

JJ Rhatigan has a great awareness of how important their visual assets are as a testament to their work and always gave high priority to photography and CGIs. The existence of a great library of visuals, and the addition of some specific more team focused photography, laid the perfect background for a refreshed website.

Building upon their distinctive colour palette, the site structure is clean and very pronounced with pages broken into sections through the help of colour contrast. We didn’t use shadows or tints, and kept the idea that the simplest solution is the best solution. As a result, the website feels refreshed and reenergised, but still consistent with the same brand that all clients have come to know over the years.


The website was well received after launch, it portrays with more confidence what JJ Rhatigan’s capabilities and aspirations are.

The site has not only increased traffic and generated more interest but also provides a perfect platform for the business expanding operations in London, as well as reflecting the established and successful Irish branch with a revitalised light.
Finding company related information, applying for a job or keeping up with their latest news is much simpler than it was. And furthermore, the backend functionality and accessibility of the website has improved, making the overall running of the site for the client quicker, easier and more effective!
Thanks to an excellent working relationship, the collaboration between Medicine Man and JJRhatigan has extended to other areas of their communications beyond the website. We are now applying the framework developed for the web in print collateral, further digital elements, marketing and internal comms.