Mott Macdonald

Helping the Mott Macdonald internal team implement their branding through their printed brand channels

After a recent rebrand, Mott Macdonald approached Medicine Man to help their internal team with the production of refreshed print collateral.

Mott Macdonald is a global engineering, management and development consultancy focused on guiding their clients through many of the planet’s most intricate challenges. As such, their ability to communicate their capabilities with their clients is crucial.

Whilst in the process of developing their website as a central digital channel, where clients could access information, the internal team needed to make this content available through print collateral as well.

Following the rebrand, all the graphic and layout elements needed to be refreshed as well which extended down from the main style and tone of voice set by the new brand. It was an exercise that defined patterns and sets rules in the context of actual deliverables. The exercise of putting into practise the ‘concept’ of the new branding.

Client: Mott Macdonald
Services: Design
SECTOR: Construction
Medicine Man
Medicine Man


We created a comprehensive set of rules to aim for exemplary consistency.

Having such an international reputation as engineers and consultants, who bring exceptional thinking and outstanding solutions, demanded a standard in print material that was ‘beyond the ordinary’. Consideration to detail, consistency, unified style and clarity were clear requirements.

The work started with a collaboration with their in-house team to develop a coherent application of text styles, varied enough to allow for multiple scenarios yet consistent enough to be recognisable and distinct.

Layout design was another crucial point in this project as the the newly developed identity relied heavily on the use of abundant white space. Their use of space reflects their brand statement: ‘open opportunities with connected thinking’, which is further highlighted through the very unique use of composition and and negative space – inviting viewers to engage, challenge, and ask “what if?”.

We also helped the design teams create impactful collages – a mix of photography and their distinctive and colourful brand shapes – that would be used as covers or landing page images.

Medicine Man
Medicine Man


The current set of Mott MaDonald’s print collateral is truthful to the new branding, reflecting a confidently simple, resolutely open and totally unique identity.

Futhermore, now with a full set of guides for print design, the production of any upcoming piece is a much easier exercise and the results are always consistent.

Both teams, Medicine Man and Mott MacDonald’s in-house, have achieved a harmonious and synchronised working relationship, allowing quick turn around times and decreasing back and forth design iterations.

Today we still collaborate on a regular basis, and the genuine dedication and experience showed by our team has placed Medicine Man as a go to partner for any of their print design needs.

Medicine Man
Medicine Man
Medicine Man