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A memorable and unique take on property email campaigns


Re-engaging the existing audience with fresh digital campaigns

The home buyer journey, from the initial awareness to purchasing a new home, can be a lengthy process. And whilst getting potential buyers onto the database is always the first (huge!) hurdle, keeping them engaged with the development forefront of their mind is often just as tricky.

As the weeks and months go by, our challenge is to keep their interest through informative comms and designing prompts to purchase with clever creative. We needed to create a campaign, that maintained the original brand identity, but also portray a fresh new look that could give a lift to the engagement stats, generate traffic to the website and increase marketing suite footfall.

Client: Lovell
Services: Digital, campaign
SECTOR: Property


To add an element of novelty, we developed a series of illustrations that would reinforce the main message of the campaign, adding meaning and most importantly, a touch of playfulness.

From the contrasting earth tones and muted blues to the refined Josefin Sans font, all assets were really unique to this development, and by keeping them as the base of our creative, we made sure the audience would recognise the brand.

With the help of the illustrations, subjects that had been used before were reinvigorated again, such as Help to Buy or the fact that the apartments have a great price per square feet compared to normal London prices.

Simplicity was key and our messaging was clean and direct, as the subjects weren’t new and didn’t therefore need explaining for a second time.

As the illustrations above show, we also tried to tap into some of the buyers aspirations and current issues, like the furniture and home style decisions, that go hand in hand with the purchase process.

Knowing that most of our subscribers were using mobile to open emails, we embraced the format and tried to make the most of it by using long vertical illustrations that would reveal info as they scrolled down. Our aim was to create greater standout against the rest of the competition through these unique designs.



During the 8 week period, we increased user traffic to the website by 160% and footfall to the show homes.

The campaign, with its new illustration style created huge interest and generated a great increase in traffic to the website. This success and the opportunity to keep momentum made the campaign grow and extend to print publications, station media, leaflet drops and social media.