Here when it matters

Bringing a new identity to an ambitious heating business.


Bringing a new identity to an ambitious heating business.

Wheldons developed from a family business but a change of ownership and expansion left the original brand in need of a refresh to bring it up to date and to meet the changing aspirations of the business.

A bolder, stronger brand that reasserted their capabilities and brought them to the forefront of a competitive market was required. It was important that this brand reflected their values and what they stood for, with a focus on experience, knowledge and delivering value for customers. Their high expectations meant the project was always going to be a challenge – but one we were up for!

AIM of the Project

To redefine the brand and its communications language in order to meet all market objectives. Then deliver a fully responsive website that clearly defines the companies offer across its different client sectors.

Client: Wheldons
Services: Branding, website
Sector: Construction


From the fonts to the use of colours, the graphics to the photography, all elements reflected the business values and foundations.

Going back to basics we reviewed the existing company values alongside the parent company and created a new positioning statement, company promise and statement about how the business wants to be recognised. To underpin all of this we devised a set of business foundations to establish the way the company behaves and delivers its services. At the core we found that two concepts summed up the key brand proposition; availability and responsibility. From this we created the brand strapline ‘Here when it matters’ – a strong and meaniful message that communicated their accountability for contractors, value for businesses and response and availability for housing providers.

Once the foundations were established, we focused our attention on the website. It needed to address various types of markets with the right message whilst avoiding the creation of pockets of information with different tone of voice and feel. The information for each market was structured around the same main blocks; the proposition, addressing visitor needs, the services, what Wheldons can deliver and the affirmation through achievable benefits and similar case studies. We included a form and contact info on every page, reducing one step from the user journey and again underlining the practical and effective attitude.


Delivering a brand that communicates with simplicity, without jargon and a straightforward attitude that clients care about.

We designed and built a beautiful, functional and responsive website to showcase their services to their respective clients. Sustainability plays an important role on the company ethos with commitments around energy and carbon, waste and resource management, employee engagement and support to communities. This dedication is delivered at the very core of the website, always present on every step of the user journey.

Business growth: 25%
Bounce rate: 43.8%
Average page views: 3.42