For Better Living


Bringing a new perspective to senior living wellbeing.

To refresh and revitalise the existing WhiteOaks brand (the UK’s leading provider of catering and FM services to the senior living market) to reflect the dynamic requirements of this evolving market place. Our aim was to depict WhiteOaks as an empathetic, forward thinking business that celebrates vitality and wellbeing in later life instead of being focused on ageing and its inevitable outcome.

Client: WhiteOaks – Compass Group
Services: Strategy, Branding, Design, Print


Our approach was centred on injecting colour and dynamic energy into a brand where traditional and conservative designs had prevailed.

Our first task was to revise the logo. We created a fresh and modern identity, keeping the essence of the ‘tree’ motif from the previous logo but transforming it into a flexible device that was the core of the brand language. Based on a lively palette of purple, magenta, green and yellow, these vibrant colours are much more ‘youthful’ than you might expect.

Indeed we wanted to avoid any stereotypical visual language and instead focus on positive images of older age. People are able to enjoy healthier, happier lives for longer than ever before, and so we wanted to celebrate this with some inspirational examples. The end result is a bright, playful brand that is stylistically still ‘young at heart’!

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